Travel, weaning and other stories

Wow, it has been a busy two weeks and I’ve been too lazy or too tired to post. Also the sun has been shining – surely everyone has better things to do than spend it online reading a blog! Anyway, after the Oxford trip, I’ve had a few days out – a lovely garden party at Buckingham palace (thank you bro-in-law), a picnic at Richmond park with baby & daddy as well as a beautiful day trip to Whitstable. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

When I’ve not been basking in the sunshine with my boys, I’ve been home giving this weaning thing my best shot. And I suppose it is paying off. Although James seems to love his fruits – I’ve tried apples, avocados, bananas, pears, peaches and apricots, he will absolutely not have any veggies. Every time I’ve tried to get a bit of carrot, peas or sweet potato in to him, he spits it all out and no amount of coaxing works. However surprisingly today he did accept a bit of butternut squash (which I mixed with peach puree) – perhaps thats the key – to mix it with fruit and it goes down a treat. Having said that his milk intake has declined quite substantially which is quite worrying. But he seems happy so hopefully it isn’t too bad.

Another exciting development is that he’s now got a high chair, an amazing Polly Chicco one – that has extra padding/an insert for smaller babies and is perfect for my little man . It has 7 (yes 7!) heigh positions and three reclining ones. Although it might seem a bit bulky, it can be folded and put away easily. It is then typical of him to get bored sitting in it after 10-15mins so I have to move him to the bouncer near the window as he eats while enjoying the view (we have ceiling to floor windows). Ah, it must be awesome being a baby 🙂

Whitstable - day out with baby

Polly Chicco High Chair

Butternut squash puree, Peach puree


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